How Do I Fly?

A Book & Videos for children, adults, and families
based on my daily observations & unfettered imagining

Rich Armington | 2022

Collage of images from the book "How Do I Fly?"

If you would like an easy link to the chapter videos, here's an idea:

As you finish reading a chapter with an available video - you'll see a QR code near the bottom of the page - shift to this site and simply click on the relevant link to watch a full-screen video for that chapter on your computer.

You might instead decide to use your smartphone to pull up the same video via the QR code directly, but some viewers are reporting that the view on their computer vs. a smartphone is a bit like the difference between watching a good movie on a theatre's 'big screen' vs. watching the same movie on a small TV screen - i.e., smartphone. Either way works well.

Maybe try both ways (QR code with your smartphone and then on your computer), and discover your preferences.

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